Twan & Michiel

Founding fathers

Twan and Michiel met on the threshold of their studies. On their arrival at the faculty of architecture they spoke for the first time. For the both of them, this was a starting point of a new adventure in the city that formed them: Delft.

After a few years of study, Twan and Michiel found one another in their passion for classical wristwatches. Over time they decide to combine their architectural knowhow and technical skills from their studies, to design their own watch.

An autonomous concept, brought to you by two friends from college, to seal their friendship and a tribute to the city where they met.     


The son of an artist and a car restorer, Michiels love for beautiful things flows through his veins. He opts for romance and Italian refinement. His designs focus on the attention to detail. Everything has to be right, down to the last detail to create a well-considered piece. The details and finishes continue to fascinate. Twan and Michiel met each other in their love for design and craft, and Delft Watch Works can be seen as the convergence of their shared vision.

Michiel Holthinrichs


From an early age Twan had a passion for beautiful products. Not the modern day gadget, but the old craftsmanship of a tailor is what he values the most. This is also what he tries to bring into the design he made with Michiel.

Twan Briels