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01 Design

Refined credit

Our first model is called ‘the Oostpoort’, which is ‘the Eastern Gate’ in Dutch, is named after one of Delft’s most iconic buildings. The buildings two soaring spires form the silhouette of Delft Watch Works’ logo. Besides its firm appearance the gate is a symbol of a transition, a transition in life that stays with you.

02 when they met

The first encounter

Twan and Michiel met on the threshold of their studies. On their arrival at the faculty of architecture they spoke for the first time. For the both of them, this was a starting point of a new adventure in the city that formed them: Delft.

After a few years of study, Twan and Michiel found one another in their passion for classical wristwatches. Over time they decide to combine their architectural knowhow and technical skills from their studies, to design their own watch.

An autonomous concept, brought to you by two friends from college, to seal their friendship and a tribute to the city where they met.     


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